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Mini Sushi Cakes

Mini Cakes to imitate Sushi

Custom Mini Cakes imitating Sushi is a perfect way to have a light, fun dessert during the hot summer months – whether it’s for a day at the lake or a picnic or a family barbeque.  Take along these mini cakes or cupcakes – easily transported and fun.  Of course, the mini cakes or cupcakes can be customized to any party theme or idea.  Having a special event or party – we can make a cake for that!  Let us help design the perfect custom cake to make your event special and memorable.  Give us the details of your party and we’ll help design a special cake, cupcakes or mini cakes.

Have an idea you want to turn into a cake, please email the picture of the cake, cupcakes or mini cakes you are thinking of or your cake idea to info@lasvegascustomcakes.com or call 702.233.2253 to let us help design a custom cake that will create lasting memories.  Don’t have an idea but want some more information, not a problem, let us help you design a Las Vegas Custom Cake.